Semiconductor Solutions

Verification IP & Consulting Services

Sanved DA�s Verification IP portfolio consists of most of standard IPs commonly used in SoC environment.

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Hardware Modeling

Sanved�s portfolio consists of configurable models for most of the building blocks of a SoC like Bus (AMBA, AXI, AHB etc.,), Memory, Processor, USB, PCIe etc., These models can be cusomized as per design requirements into functionally detailed and cycle accurate models.

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EDA Tools

As companies worldwide try to improve their green credentials, their vendors are expected to reduce system power consumption. That in turn is driving ASIC and FPGA designers to reduce device power.

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Contact info

Address: #3623,13th G Main, 7th cross, HAL 2nd stage Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560 008, India.

Tel: +91 80 41687986


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